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Produced by BYU students and hosted by Professor Jeff Parkin, First Look is a unique series where student filmmakers showcase and discuss their work. On each episode they discuss the impact these remarkable creative experiences had on them--highlighting the challenges faced and lessons learned en route to capturing stories that uplift and inspire. Tune in to BYU TV to get your first look at this new generation of filmmakers. Their work encourages us to consider how we see, listen, and think about moving images.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


"Milton Glaser the Famous Graphic Designer Makes a Drawing"

Featuring "Milton Glaser The Famous Graphic Designer Makes a Drawing" with director Chris Coy,"Il Contrabasso," with director Geoff Groberg, and "Capoeira: Finding the Center in the Ring" with director Justin Cook. Also featuring faculty hosts Brad Barber and Ben Unguren.

Chris Coy combined his visual arts studies with his interest in film by making this unique short documentary about BYU's visiting artist Milton Glaser. In it, the audience is offered a unique look at how Glaser operates by offering one single take, focused on a drawing he composes while ruminating on his experiences with the form.

In "Il Controbasso," both subjects, the instrument and the musician, are of interest for director Geoff Groberg. A musician himself, Groberg shares insights gained on his labor of love while making this short documentary that explore the beauty and joy of playing the upright bass.

Being a documentarian himself, we asked former student Justin Cook to shoot and edit his own segment on location in New York, where he currently studies film in the MFA program at Columbia University. In it, Justin shares his thoughts on the subjects of his film--a Colorado couple who teach capoeira, a Brazilian blend of martial art and dance, and how their passion changed the way he viewed his own life.

BYU TMA Grad Justin Cook sends a report from NYC


Geoff Groberg now works within a variety of media arts formats. Check this out for more examples of his work.

Chris Coy ('06, BFA Graphic Design) is a graphic designer, fine artist, and filmmaker currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Examples of his work can be found here.

Regarding his film, Chris has some more thoughts he'd like to add: While it may not be obvious in the film, as Milton Glaser is drawing the picture, he is also simultaneously giving an impromptu lecture. The final film was take two of two takes- the first being rejected because portions of his picture were drawn outside of the the frame. It was a little difficult to ask him to do it all over again- as the first take was also fantastic but he obliged graciously.The project was generously funded by the BYU Museum of Art and BYU's TMA department with all aspects of production completed by full time students.

See more of Milton's work

"Il Contrabasso"

"Capoeria: Finding the Center of the Ring"

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